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My career in brief

My first big interest has been in human beings and their behavior which led me into the studies of law, finishing with the Swiss attorney degree. 

A further interest has been in the delivery of top performance (excellence) by individual employees, teams and entire organizations (highly performing companies) and this led me into human resources management up to the HR Executive level working for local and global companies.

I am happy to provide you (as a company or as an individual) top HR services; with passion!

Markus Zbinden




For several weeks I have been "coached" intensively by Markus Zbinden regarding my career. Mr. Zbinden does this extremely professionally and with a great deal of passion. I fully appreciate his services and support, in particular his many years of experience as human resources manager and labour lawyer helps me.


HR Interim

I congratulate you on this excellent leadership performance and I am as Chairman of the Board of Directors deeply indebted to you.

Words of a
Chairman of the board of a listed Swiss company

HR Interim

Without you this demanding transformation project would not be so be successful.

Words of a CEO of a market-leading Swiss company