HR Passion



A matter of the heart for me is to pay attention

The most important thing people can give to other people is their time, by which I mean to listen honestly to one or the other, to try to understand him or her, to present their own point of view (based on knowledge and experience) honestly, but always respectfully and appreciatively to the other and that both sides ideally want to solve the present situation completely or partially, building on this in an honest and constructive way. Often even listening is very helpful.

My constant great interest in my fellow human beings and  in other cultures, my basic training as a lawyer and my many years of human resources and management experience enabled me years ago that employees, managers, colleagues and many others - especially young people - regularly asked me for advice, whether in relation to training, career or also in relation to legal questions in the context of private law

I am always happy to provide such information and advice, naturally within a timeframe that is feasible for me and what is most important, provided I feel competent. If the latter is not the case, I will gladly refer you to the appropriate experts (doctors, coaches, headhunters, lawyers, psychologists, asset managers, etc.).